Sorry hate, your target is not vulnerable

Photo Credit: Lydya Nada on Unsplash

He fumed and shouted
Smoking hate wisped off his tongue
Spewing words I may not repeat
As they are lies I can never own

He gave me the finger

He wanted to unmake me
Deny me my humanity
And as though my heart a sponge
Soak it in his hate
And crowd out room for love
Of myself, and him too

But his words to hurt, and crush or diminish my identity
Glided like raindrops down a sturdy umbrella
Off of my ears
Without piercing my heart
To fall by my feet with splashes and trickles
That soak into the earth or soon evaporate

And on I walked
My head held high
My gaze resolutely forward
As my secure identity stood guard
Over my joy and confidence

Every step I took hummed ‘sayonara
To the hate drops behind me
As if the poison-infused words
Had never been spoken
At me

I know who I am
I sprung in my step
I am not your hate
I quickened my pace
I am not your ignorance
I laughed at the wind
I am not your baggage
I jigged to my freedom
I am not your lies
I hugged my person-hood
I am not your wounds
I cast a compassionate glance
Towards my tormentor

And I will not shelter
The torment that poisoned you
And, like you
Disperse it abroad

You see, I know who I am
 And you, don’t get a say

 My secure identity — my umbrella and buffer
Against the storms of negativity

Photo by Ray Chan on Unsplash

One thought on “Sorry hate, your target is not vulnerable

  1. jomariebearth says:

    You do not have the license to be the scourge of my being.
    As you ponder my beauty, resolve, and undeniable strength.
    It confuses you while you lay waste to your inadequacies.
    So step aside. Or you will be my carpet.

    Hugz Nini…JoMarie


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