why i started writing

because sometimes my mind is a clutter of thoughts, clanging like cymbals in a sack. but when I pull the thoughts out one by one and carefully place them down on paper, they become visible; crystallising the clanging into music. into poetry. into beauty. so i found this space to hold my visible thoughts, and give the clutter in my mind some order:)

Hello and welcome to the giver’s space!

I’m Nini, and the first thing I ever fell in love with is a stream; the gently flowing kind whose sand is visible beneath its clear gurgling waters. At 11, I discovered the English language and fell in love with words. And I love rocks, and trees, and people. After all these loves, a lovable person found me, and together we are raising 3 life-givers-in-training.

In life, I am many things, but in this our shared space, I am simply a story teller.

This is a web log about jewels and mud in life, or what adds to or takes away from the beauty of living. Your presence here is jewels, so thank you for giving me your time. I hope that you find a jewel to take back with you in return 🙂