Why this blog?

what will you find herein?

As a people deeply interconnected in a labyrinth of relationships, we are constantly giving, receiving, seeking, siphoning or draining those we encounter. This blog is the givers’ space.

Welcome to the givers’ space, for if you are here, you are a giver. As soon as you peel your cheek off the pillow, you open a drumful of opportunities to give. What have you given today? To yourself, to others, to God, to your work, to your children, to the stranger in the bus, to the child sex slave in Cambodia self-harming in incomprehensible despair?

We are constantly giving thoughts, attitudes, words, actions, objects, emotions; consciously and subconsciously, actively and passively. We are more often missing out on giving opportunities than we are giving nothing. And sometimes when presented with opportunities to give, we find ourselves ill equipped to give. We shy away, we retreat, we fear, we become suspicious or feel inadequate. For we cannot give what we do not have, or are not aware we possess. Have you been there?

This is a space for stories and reflections about all kinds of giving relationships; the one we have with the thoughts and emotions that rage within or dance without, inviting people to share in the dance of our souls or driving them to retreat in wounded caution. It is about how our thoughts and emotions; empathy or apathy draw people in or drive them away. It is a space for the stories of our wholeness or brokenness; our capacity to receive and to give, told by our responses, actions or reactions to situations. It is also a space for cultural critique, food we eat and random stories about life and love and my 4 men in an urban culture where I, a villager, find myself an observer.

Please, welcome! Journey with me in musing on ways we create, receive, or give in this dance of living. As you read, I invite you to critique your own criticisms. (I know you are willing to critique mine😊)

Remember, if we have nothing good to give, something has to give for us to grow into givers.

Thank you for giving me your company😊

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